All 4 books by Edward Tufte now in
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Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Envisioning Information
Visual Explanations
Beautiful Evidence
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La Representación Visual de Información
Cuantitativa, (200 páginas) $12
Visual and Statistical Thinking, $2
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Seeing Around + Feynman Diagrams, $2
Data Analysis for Politics and Policy, $2
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Presenting Data and Information
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Pronunciation of "Tufte"?

How do you pronounce your last name?

-- Heather Strong


-- Edward Tufte

Now gather round
There's no PowerPoint around
and my sound's laid down by my own Bose-hounds.
I think up all the best books ya got on ya shelf
so just let me introduce myself
My name is Tufte, pronounced like a mufti.
Ask again and I'll answer gruffly.

(apologies to Digital Underground... and Edward Tufte)

-- John Morse (email)

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