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Abstract alley art

Fresh abstract painting/collage/assemblage can be found in city alleys.

A video is presented below.

Here are my findings over the last two years in the alleys and backstreets of Austin, Texas:

-- Edward Tufte

Source: SWANN auction catalogue, The Ritter Collection of Modern Illustrated Books and Livres d'Artiste, New York, May 5, 2009.

-- Edward Tufte

Absolutely wonderful! I have found myself drawn to (alley/abandoned building, etc.) images such as these throughout my entire life. I'm really glad to know that you appreciate them as works of design. We have a lot of them here too in Atlanta, I used many of them when I was in photography classes.

-- Katie Bell Foster (email)

Alley Art video

This video is also available on YouTube and Vimeo

-- Edward Tufte

Frank Jump

For the great photographs of Frank Jump, see


and about his book Fading Ads of New York City


-- Edward Tufte

Thank you for the mention! Hope you enjoy the book. Best, Frank Jump

-- Frank Jump (email)