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Shadows at ET Modern

Photograph taken at ET Modern in Chelsea,
a mix of shadows cast by the back half of a dog
sculpture and by the perforated stainless steel
of a Bird piece. The light source was probably
the reflection of the sun off the windshield of
a car waiting at a traffic light on 11th Avenue.
The shadow appeared for only about a minute
on a corner wall of the gallery.

-- Edward Tufte

Shadow = Time revealed in space Sculpture = advantageously positioned canvas which captures that ephemeral footprint.

-- Mattie (email)

The dance company, Pilobolus, is well-known for taking advantage of the monochromatic and geometric aspects of shadow projection in their works. They also collaborate with the MIT Media Lab. Eg, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgvmlqqkofM (Full disclosure: I am a board member of the Pilobolus Dance Theater)

-- Howard Weinberg (email)

I like this photo so much. I haven't kept up with Ask Et for about 18 months & now I'm wallowing.

-- melissa spore (email)