Escaping Flatland

These first 4 pictures show Escaping Flatland 5 and 6, a new series. The stainless steel panels are open; the sculpture is 18' long, 12' high, and about 11' deep. The 2 units overlap in many different ways depending upon the location of the viewer. The 2 units are placed close to one another, creating volumes in the 3-space between units.

Landscape Art:

Larkin's Twig
Spring Arcs
Millstones 1 - 6
Birds 1 - 5
Glacial Erratics
Partitioned Squares
More on Escaping Flatland:

Escaping Flatland
More photographs of Escaping Flatland
Installation of Escaping Flatland 5
Installation of Escaping Flatland 9 and 10,
Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles


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