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Complete control of schedule and quality are certainly benefits of publishing your own work, but publication costs and aquisitition of necessary industry knowledge seem to pose significant obstacles.

As a designer wishing to publish some graphically based works in the near future, what decisions or market conditions directed you towards this choice?

In addition, what portions of the publishing process do you feel content in handing off to subcontractors, and what mistakes have you made that helped direct and refine your later publsihed work? Have you, or have you considered, publishing work from ouside sources?

Thanks, I enjoy and appreciate your research.

David Bales

-- David Bales (email)

Response to Publishing

The history and details of my self-publishing are described at length in the new introduction to the second edition of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

My general advice about self-publishing is do it only (1) if the content of your work clearly demands self-publishing and (2) after you have published some books with real publishers.

Very very few books make significant money for the authors. Most self-publishers and indeed most authors wind up with a basement filled with mildewing books.

I did no market analysis in deciding to self-publish; such an analysis could only distort and corrupt the heart of the work, which is to make the best and most wonderful books possible. Control of the design and production of my books is part of my self-expression.

Many of the articles about my work in the NEW section of the board describe my experiences with self-publishing.

-- Edward Tufte

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