At this moderated forum, I will answer questions dealing with information design. Others can then extend the discussion. I will try to answer questions that have general interest or where I have something to say. Not all questions will be answered, usually because I don't know the answer.

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"Wonderful Data Visualization" Edward Tufte Keynote talk to China Visualization and Visual Analytics Conference (ChinaVis) ET

Edward Tufte presentation method caused Jeff Bezos, Amazon, AWS to throw out PowerPoint ET

Visual Display of Quantitative Information: First Sketches ET

If most medical research is false, then what about research-on-research? ET

Practical Advice for Medical Patients ET

Displaying estimates +/- error, confidence bounds ET

The crisis in data analysis: most published studies are false Edward Tufte

Sparklines History by Tufte: 1324 to now Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte course review: "Best one-day course your company can send you to" Staff

Edward Tufte course review: "One visionary day" WIRED staff

Edward Tufte course reviews: 27 reviews of Tufte one-day class Tufte course reviews

Sentences off the Grid Edward Tufte

Maya Lin, Women's Table at Yale University, and ET Edward Tufte

Are diagrams the metaphor for Cubism? Edward Tufte

First known statistical graphic Edward Tufte

Time-series that move through XY space Edward Tufte

Two- and Three-Dimensional Sentences Edward Tufte

Image Quilts ET

Goldberg and Design Variations ET

Table and timetable design and typography ET

Overlapping data graphics to make comparisons Edward Tufte

Chartjunk Edward Tufte

Consulting stories Edward Tufte

Hogpen Hill Farms LLC: Architectural evergreens and ornamental grasses Edward Tufte

On the Edge, At the Margin: Contours, Surrounds, Frames Edward Tufte

Graphical timetables Edward Tufte

Boxplots data test Edward Tufte

Design review: Improving a good news graphic Edward Tufte

Design of walking maps, indoors and outdoors Edward Tufte

Image data quilts: our new website Edward Tufte

Making better inferences from statistical graphics Edward Tufte Edward Tufte

Stonespace and Airspace = Lacy Stone Walls Edward Tufte

Flowing Steel Confections Edward Tufte

Maps moving in time: a standard of excellence for data displays Edward Tufte

John Tukey, classic paper on statistical graphics Edward Tufte

Hogpen Hill Farms artworks Edward Tufte

Fitting simple multivariate models Edward Tufte

Ironstone artworks, torqued steel Edward Tufte

Two-variable linear regression Edward Tufte

Predictions and projections: some issues of research design Edward Tufte

The meaning of "pessimal" Edward Tufte

Megaliths, Continuous and Silent, Stuctures of Unknown Significance Edward Tufte

Rocket Science 3: Airstream Interplanetary Explorer Edward Tufte

Fitting models to data Edward Tufte

Taking logarithms in statistical data Edward Tufte

Open space creation Edward Tufte

Jakob Nielsen's review of amazon's Fire Edward Tufte

Touchscreens have no hand Edward Tufte

Ace and Porta do multimedia Edward Tufte

Shadows Edward Tufte

Sculptures in the October storm Edward Tufte

The US Patent and Trademark Office creates a really stupid interface Edward Tufte
***   Philosophical Diamond Signs Edward Tufte

Masks Quartet, 2011 Edward Tufte

Feynman Diagrams, Edward Tufte sculptures and exhibits Edward Tufte

Sparkline > Steve Jobs > Andy Warhol in Google results Edward Tufte

Slopegraphs for comparing gradients: Slopegraph theory and practice Edward Tufte

ET Reviews Some Books Edward Tufte

Classic articles on statistical thinking Edward Tufte

The work of Charles Joseph Minard Edward Tufte

Graphical summaries for medical patients Edward Tufte

Light painting, a brilliant technique Edward Tufte
***   About ET: Edward Tufte interviews, biography, contact information ET

Sculpture Forgings Edward Tufte

Christie's auction of ET rare books: what's going on Edward Tufte

Displays of movie-making techniques Edward Tufte

ET Modern Edward Tufte

Statistics at the FDA Edward Tufte

Microsoft's Courier digital journal (Courier cancelled, April 29, 2010) Edward Tufte

Windows Phone 7 Series (WP7S) Edward Tufte

Data displays for self-awareness Edward Tufte

Solari train boards Edward Tufte

Edward Burtynsky: Oil Edward Tufte

ET show at George Champion Modern Shop Edward Tufte

Microsoft patent claim for "sparklines in the grid" Edward Tufte

Whitney Museum: website redesign Edward Tufte

T. S. Eliot connection Dennis Kear

Claude Lévi-Strauss on pseudo-theory Edward Tufte

Rocket Science #2 (Lunar Lander) Edward Tufte

Nine reviews of ET's Aldrich Museum sculpture show Edward Tufte

Microsoft's CEO wants ET method of presentation, not PowerPoint Edward Tufte

Magritte's Smile Edward Tufte

Telestrator--the electronic crayon Edward Tufte
***   The Drawing Center fax show: ET exhibits Edward Tufte

Describing and tracking stimulus projects totaling $787,000,000,000 on the internet: any ideas? Edward Tufte

Digital books (and how to put ET books on the iPad) Edward Tufte

Abstract alley art Edward Tufte

Excel's statistical graphics Edward Tufte

Designing a museum sculpture garden: land, trees, artworks Edward Tufte

Outdoor benches Edward Tufte

Financial data displays Edward Tufte

Slide show pan/zoom for museum computer screens: advice needed Edward Tufte

Data mining coincidences: Bellwether electoral districts Edward Tufte

Rainbows and Moonbows Edward Tufte

Airspaces Edward Tufte
***   Election data displays Edward Tufte

Dog sculpture (Porta the Portuguese Water Dog) Edward Tufte

Distant assistants: real-time collaboration Edward Tufte

Cartoon maps of ET books Edward Tufte

Scaling and scale models Edward Tufte

Google Chrome platform Tchad

BibliOdyssey: wonderful website about illustrations Edward Tufte

Seeing Around: New ET essay published Edward Tufte

Paradox sculptures Edward Tufte
***   Theater Museum artworks Edward Tufte

Calendars and schedules Simon Shutter

Geese taking flight (at 300 frames per second) Edward Tufte

Gentle humor in design Edward Tufte

Complex sculptural shapes Edward Tufte

Porta and the Birds (at 300 frames/second) Edward Tufte

See now . . . Words later Edward Tufte

Early ET works: paintings, constructions Edward Tufte
***   Resolution and dimensional compression Edward Tufte
***   Flame Theater Edward Tufte

714,032 pageviews by Microsoft IP number to our shopping cart in 3 days: what's going on? Edward Tufte
***   Tong Bird of Paradise Edward Tufte

Olafur Eliasson: Take Your Time Edward Tufte

Open-Ended Edward Tufte
***   Elegant water drainage methods: Levi Plaza in San Francisco and elsewhere Edward Tufte

Residing in spaceland: Johnny Chung Lee's imaginative work Edward Tufte
***   iPhone interface design Edward Tufte

Georgia O'Keeffe and Escaping Flatland Edward Tufte

Maintaining at least some privacy on the internet Edward Tufte
***   ZZ Smile (Zerlina's Smile) Edward Tufte

ET work on iTunes (Podcast), YouTube, Vimeo Edward Tufte

Rocket Science Edward Tufte

Buddha with Bird Nest: sculpture Edward Tufte

Major show of ET artwork at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Edward Tufte

Sheep visit landscape sculpture Edward Tufte

Skewed Machine Edward Tufte

Unusual maps Edward Tufte
***   Megan Jaegerman's brilliant news graphics Edward Tufte

Notebooks for Project 5 Edward Tufte
***   Wavefields: intense animated data graphics Edward Tufte
***   Multiplicity in visual experiences (ET presentation for a museum show) Edward Tufte

Water studies: light and motion Edward Tufte

Documentation sketches Edward Tufte

Steel sculptures Edward Tufte
***   Dappled light Edward Tufte
***   Sculpture: Negative space studies Edward Tufte

David Hockney: Secret Knowledge Edward Tufte

Experimental two-day course on July 12-13 in Palo Alto, California Edward Tufte

Pine needles in the snow: physical and optical effects Edward Tufte

About ET: Esquire, New York Magazine, Stanford Magazine Edward Tufte

ET Primitive Art Edward Tufte

Survival vs. mortality results from cancer detection Edward Tufte

Cleaning up Excel's poshlust graphics Edward Tufte
***   Table sculptures Edward Tufte

ET talk at Harvard, February 21, 2007 ET

Richard Feynman's "Nature cannot be fooled" Edward Tufte

Ryszard Kapuscinski Edward Tufte
***   Stainless steel images: anisotropic calligraphy Edward Tufte

Punctuation typography Edward Tufte

Images as logos Edward Tufte
***   Showing 3D measurement scales in 2D images (including astronomical pictures) Edward Tufte

Multiple exposure experiments Edward Tufte

Bouquet sculpture series--and Walking, Seeing, Constructing Edward Tufte
***   Advice for effective analytical reasoning Edward Tufte

Evidence blocking: secrets, censorship, and cover-ups as threats to learning the truth Edward Tufte

Intolerance of free speech at colleges Edward Tufte
***   Grand truths about human behavior Edward Tufte
***   Plagiarism detection in PowerPoint presentations Edward Tufte

YouTube as an arts performance encyclopedia Edward Tufte

Scientific visualization: evidence and/or fireworks Edward Tufte
***   Art Theorists Speak Out Cartoonishly Edward Tufte

Forecasting oil resources Edward Tufte

"Public art" Edward Tufte
***   Metaphors, analogies, thought mappings Edward Tufte

Evidence presentations: At the leading edge of serious practice Edward Tufte

Organized stones in nature and architecture (puzzle stones) Edward Tufte

Measuring website traffic Edward Tufte
***   Lists: design and construction, by Edward Tufte Edward Tufte

Hogpen Hill #1: sculpture installed August 2006 Edward Tufte
***   Lousy PowerPoint presentations: The fault of PP users? Edward Tufte

The Vitality of Mythical Numbers Edward Tufte
***   Escaping Flatland sculptures Edward Tufte

Bird Books Edward Tufte

The print clock: a method for dating early books and prints Edward Tufte
***   Airport maps and runway incursions Edward Tufte

Retina communicates to brain at 10 million bits per second: Implications for evidence displays? Edward Tufte
***   Popular Music: The Classic Graphic by Reebee Garofalo Edward Tufte

Music videos with information design material Edward Tufte
***   Petals 1-3 Edward Tufte

Jean Tinguely: Water-machines sculpture, sprinklers gone wild Edward Tufte

A visit to John Snow's cholera-infected waterpump in London Edward Tufte
***   Towers: a new memorial for 9/11 Edward Tufte
***   Dear Leader I: landscape sculpture May 2006 Edward Tufte

Excessively hierarchical organization of information Edward Tufte
***   Midterm congressional elections: ET papers Edward Tufte
***   Horizons, vistas, and skylines Edward Tufte
***   Museum visits Edward Tufte

How to discover asteroid impacts Edward Tufte

Interfacing with voice mail menu systems vs. humans Edward Tufte

Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style by Virginia Tufte now published! Edward Tufte

Mass production of high-resolution digital prints--help needed Edward Tufte

Medicare prescription drug plan fiasco Edward Tufte

Not everyone knows what quote marks mean in a search entry Edward Tufte

Dan Flavin's light works Edward Tufte

The blank page, the empty space, the paradox of choice Edward Tufte
***   Beautiful Evidence chronicles: writing, designing, publishing, consequences (cameo in first iPhone ad, awards, Richard Serra) Edward Tufte

Indictments as presentations: evidence and advocacy Edward Tufte

Metaphors for Presentations: Conway's Law Meets PowerPoint Edward Tufte

Panda cam Edward Tufte

ET Caltech talk: videotape available from Skeptics Society Edward Tufte
***   Bird Series Edward Tufte

Multiplicity in 11th century Khmer sculpture and elsewhere Edward Tufte

Amazing Neptune movie Edward Tufte
***   PowerPoint Does Rocket Science--and Better Techniques for Technical Reports Edward Tufte

Image manipulation in science Edward Tufte

3D papercraft models Edward Tufte
***   Not spying on users should be a feature: The keep-it-and-lose-it hypothesis Edward Tufte

Complex trajectories in 3-space, or flying Asiatic snakes Edward Tufte

Bookprints: 16 new prints Edward Tufte
***   When Evidence is Mediated and Marketed: Does Pitching Out Corrupt Within? Edward Tufte
***   The Levitating Sculpture (and also sculpture theory and practice) Edward Tufte
***   Dog cartoons: Whose hermeneutic shall prevail? Edward Tufte
***   Recent, long interview with Edward Tufte Edward Tufte

Hyperbolic paraboloid constructed with scattered data points Edward Tufte
***   Weather icons Edward Tufte

Huntsville Alabama Times scoops New York Times: sports-data sparklines Edward Tufte

Space-Time Joiner Photographs Edward Tufte
***   Sports graphics Ric Werme

Interesting logos Edward Tufte

Commencements and honorary degrees Edward Tufte

Feynman-Tufte principle Edward Tufte
***   Medical information exchange: The patient, doctor, computer triangle Ray Simkus
***   Images used as data points Edward Tufte
***   Corrupt Techniques in Evidence Presentations Edward Tufte

Validation of Sparkline Computer Code Edward Tufte

Galileo on the annual movement of the Earth Edward Tufte
***   The economisting of art Edward Tufte
***   Mathematical notation and typography Edward Tufte
***   Mapped pictures: image annotation Edward Tufte

Yale alumni questionnaire inquires about income, wealth Edward Tufte
***   Links, Causal Arrows, Networks Edward Tufte
***   Millstone sculpture series Edward Tufte
***   Spring Arcs, an ET landscape sculpture Edward Tufte
***   Sparkline theory and practice Edward Tufte Edward Tufte

NASA seeks to curb "PowerPoint engineering" Edward Tufte
***   Glacial erratics: landscape found art (and origins of cubism) Edward Tufte

visual design of printed versus projected images James M. Norton
***   Generating n Optimally Differentiatable colours Paul Vallee

No natural scale of colours Athel Cornish-Bowden

How big is a phone book, and other ways of illustrating size Mark Palmer

zebra tables and lists Bruce Hensley

Global mapping Ilene Solomon

Scroll bars Jorge Fino
***   Instructions at the point of need Chuck

Analog gauges and the user interface Harald Skardal

Round to two digits Sally Bigwood
***   Narrating and imaging an aortic dissection Edward Tufte

Art History Without Slides Edward Tufte

Sparklines (original version) Edward Tufte

Measuring resolution kathy rilea

John Prine Christine

Table Graphics Sean Gerety

Software for typesetting a book Charlie Guo

Typefaces for official correspondence Jim Moore

Railroad Atlas of 1946 Norman Umberger

Mapping election results Jonathan Corum

Annotating a State of the Union address Edward Tufte

Recommended Children's Books Simon Shutter
***   Evidence and assumptions in cladograms (and other tree diagrams) Edward Tufte

Legends and Colors Sean Gerety

Pie Charts Martin Ternouth

Visualizing Social Networks Pierre Scalise

Collaboration in creative work and performance Edward Tufte
***   The Twigs: Landscape artworks made from steel and air Edward Tufte
***   Using poster techniques during a talk Kathleen Edwards

New Map of the Universe Glenn Nevill

Photoshop manipulations in journalism Edward Tufte

Death in the afternoon - the statistical 'fingerprint' of a mass murderer Mark Reilly

Maps of birds and storms Edward Tufte

Electoral-economic cycles: 1972 and 2004, deja vu all over again Edward Tufte

odds ratios, graphing positive and negative associations together Marina Counter

New York City Weather Chart Edward Tufte

Analog clocks, sorobans, and slide rules Mark Hineline

Mars landing Jeffrey Berg

why we see what we do sonke johnsen

legal infographics/ litigation graphics Kathy

Mark Lombardi influenced by Envisioning Information Edward Tufte

Music boxes matt iden

Charting Use Of Public Open Space Harry Pasternak

Source of Bell Centennial Font Daniel Battaglia

Teaching Information Design in Public Schools Mindy

"PowerPoint Makes You Dumb," New York Times Magazine, December 14, 2003 Pat Martin

High Resolution Gigapixel Pictures Daniel Meatte

Diacritical marks Edward Tufte

Apple's Keynote vs Microsoft's PowerPoint: Don't get your hopes up Goran N. Halusa

Wonderful movies about typography: "Behind the Typeface" and "Etched in Stone" Erik Schwab
***   The beauty of plans and elevations Andrea

museum labels Jamie Johnson

information in cartography symbols jan
***   Design of causal diagrams: Barr art chart, Lombardi diagrams, evolutionary trees, Feynman diagrams, timelines Edward Tufte

making meaningful calculations Joe Levy

The Guardian, top 10 book lists Edward Tufte

Mapping the Internet Zen Faulkes
***   Inverted tree of evolution David Cerruti

Eames Design Mark Hineline

Strouhal numbers and the unladen swallow Amos Bannister

Tick marks in graphs Tom Udo

Numerical language Melissa Spore
***   Wildfire maps and media coverage Mark Hineline

Remarkable baseball graphic Edward Tufte

Lineweights in drawings David Person

The loupe in user interfaces David Person

Apples and oranges--a graphical comparison Edward Tufte

ET on NPR Brooks Harper

What if handouts aren't practical? Hilton Dier III
***   New edition of "The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint" Edward Tufte
***   Techniques of environmental political action in small towns Edward Tufte

Richard Feynman on teaching Edward Tufte

School Test Data Stephen Miller

Venn Diagrams Todd Decker

properties of ghost-grid graph paper Martin Stabler

New York Times: PowerPoint-Columbia story, September 28, 2003 Edward Tufte

History Of Unix Chart Frank Miller

Steven Weinberg's excellent book + essay "A Designer Universe?" Edward Tufte
***   The End of the Carousel Slide Projector? Mark Hineline

Visual Calendar/Clock Ned Wall
***   Financial and economic journalism Edward Tufte
***   Sidenotes or footnotes or what? John Schedler

How much is $87 billion for Iraq? Update: How about $1.2 trillion? Alex Drahon
***   Block That Metaphor! The NASA Space Exploration Map Edward Tufte

Graphic: Stock Performance Michael Anderson
***   Animations of Air Traffic Edward Tufte

World map with ground-level photos Mitchell N Charity

Linkrot: what to do? Edward Tufte
***   Columbia Accident Investigation Board: The Boeing PowerPoint Slide Edward Tufte

Blackout Graphic Sean Gerety

Display of One Dimensional Distributions Andrew Nicholls

Weather reporting on television Geoff Fox

David Byrne on PowerPoint Nicholas Woolridge

Illustration of Small Multiples - Magic Knight Tours James A. Webb
***   Rhetorical ploys in evidence presentations Edward Tufte
***   Sourcing and credibility Edward Tufte
***   Book design: advice and examples Fred Weiland

Poor op/ed data graphic in New York Times Herb Burton
***   PowerPoint and Military Intelligence Nick Rees
***   Prediction Markets Edward Tufte
***   Moderating internet forums: What's smart, not what's new Web Designer
***   Graunt's Table of Casualties Claiborne Booker

Teaching Legislation Simon Shutter

comparing weights of irregular shapes Paul Rauber

White House e-mail communication J.D. McCubbin

Scoring Baseball John Morse
***   Analytical design compared to landscape sculpture work Robert Patterson

Formula 1 real-time telemetry displays George Klucsarits
***   Public performances: music always too loud? Edward Tufte

Public performances--brilliant analysis of performer-audience relationship Edward Tufte
***   Executive dashboards Barry Tipping

ET software? ET Bembo? Tarun Nagpal
***   ISO paper sizes, rational or irrational? And date formats as well. Edward Tufte

Driving distance tables Mike Combs
***   Explanations accompanying classical music and other live performances Edward Tufte
***   Cog, the Honda ad Michael Olan

Geological diagrams for 3D motion Edward Tufte

Photographing whiteboards... for the record Simon Shutter
***   Interface Hall of Fame/Shame Edward Tufte

"The deepest photo ever taken" and the history of scientific discovery Edward Tufte

Some Google hits, January 1, 2003 Edward Tufte

Outstanding Magazine Layouts? Babak Nivi
***   Auto Safety - Stopping Distance Chart Bruce Foutch
***   Frank Gehry's ever-changing light Edward Tufte

Scientific Pictures: Gilding the Lilly? Daniel Meatte

Graphic Visualization of Risks Chris Kearns

Amazing panoramas (Mt. Everest and others) Edward Tufte
***   What color is your salmon, flamingo, leaf, soil, golden retriever, yolk, beer, diesel fuel? Measuring color in the field Edward Tufte

A Graphical Representation of Meta-data standards ed nixon
***   Fudging photographic evidence Edward Tufte

Washington Post puts map in global context Ryan Singer

Project Estimates Tim Josling

Tufte book fonts Steve Dekorte

Informed consent without words Steven Byers

Misleading graphic in the New York Times Mike Everett-Lane
***   Amazing animation: A day in the life of air traffic over the US Edward Tufte

Gyorgy Kepes on figure and ground Steve Sprague

Improving business forms Peter Morelli
***   The magical number seven, plus or minus two: Not relevant for design Edward Tufte

Pioneer space plaque and redesign Russ Hendy

Samuel Antupit Edward Tufte

The IBM Glass Engine: Interface design reviews Peter Pehrson

Graphing with dissimilar units Steve Sprague

Single-number semi-tables for news illustrations Edward Tufte

Medical animation Edward Perper

Stem and leaf displays Mike Combs

time on the computer J.D. McCubbin

No Pulitzer Prizes for Information Graphics Edward Tufte
***   Image sequence of ski crash: best design? Andy James

Depicting cognitive fixation over time Jenny Rudolph

Dequantification in scientific images Edward Tufte
***   HTML in Email Michael Brockwell

French ski resort maps Stefan Magdalinski
***   Good web design, web standards, user testing Sylvie L

Medical communications for meetings or on a website Norma-Jeanne Hennis

Diagrams of Aerobatic Routines Scott Zetlan

TideLog almanac David Bishop

Mercator's projection Edward Tufte

The Columbia Evidence Edward Tufte

Visualizing song structure to maximize studio productivity Ryan Singer
***   Traffic signal lights - impending change Ron Merz

Plotting Share (Stock) Volumes Andrew Nicholls

Process Mapping Melissa
***   Traffic Light Colors LS

Formatting for Financial Scorecards and Detailed Reports Paul Grande
***   Charting chess Edward Tufte

Your thoughts on Information Display Design in Dynamic Environment Sangwon Choi
***   Display of musical structure Jade Rubick

Communicating software design Samuel Denard
***   Formalizing photographic aesthetics Edward Tufte

Visual notation of bird songs Bob Jones

Web site color choice Mathew Lodge
***   Sparklines: computer code implementation Robert Gower

Quality of software, software processes and the UML Brian Sam-Bodden

questionnaire design Diane Lowry

Relation of Escaping Flatland sculpture to the work of David Smith, American Sculptor Theresa-Marie Rhyne

square or rectangle ? Envisioning Information, page 84 Xiaoying Lin

Map of the stock market Matt
***   Analytical design and human factors J. D. McCubbin

Plan-views in cartography MICHAEL RYAN
***   Data in sentences: Evidence on women and smoking ET

How do you avoid information overload? Celeste Wroblewski
***   Cancer survival rates: tables, slopegraphs, barcharts Edward Tufte

Visual representation of vector information Lee Kamentsky

Monitoring complex processes Edward Tufte
***   corporate design manuals paul filer

Choice of colors in print and graphics for color-blind readers Dave Flanagan

QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign Edward Tufte

Nelson Goodman's work Michael Leddy

Adolphe Quetelet and Andre Guerry Cynthia Lum

The Life of Charles Joseph Minard (1781-1870) Edward Tufte

ET sculpture and print show in Los Angeles Edward Tufte

Minard's data sources for Napoleon's march graphic Edward Tufte

Complex Organizational Charts Abigail Amsterdam

Pythagorean theorem in one word Philip Wadler

Flatland susan

Tornado Plots Ruth Shaull

Detailing on choropleth maps Bob Fontaine

Atlas of North American Exploration Kathy Lingo

Graphical map for exploring Apollo landing sites Edward Tufte
***   Why producing good software is difficult Edward Tufte

Resumes and Presentation of Data Jerry Howard

Extra 2,000 men in Minard's drawing? Scott Zetlan
***   "less is more" route maps from MapBlast Paul Haahr

Archival methods for rare books and map Bill Heggie

Nomographs Joe Iannucci
***   A Magnificent Map Collection Online Mike Reardon

What's your font? Aaron Swartz
***   Cubism in medieval French planning and zoning? ET

map program suggestions Robert Biggert

Crash diet potomania, a vivid graphic from The Lancet ET
***   What's wrong with the foureye butterfly fish in Visual Explanations? Bruce Perry

Information Design in Surveys David Person

Recommended Background for Projected Presentations Bob Nash

Google logo on Mondrian's birthday (and other holidays) ET

Florence Nightingale's statistical graphics Leska Fore

Error in magic chapter in Visual Explanations? John Bakke
***   Princeton University Acceptance Letter ET

Magician in Visual Explanations Anna Rothko
***   Project Management Graphics (or Gantt Charts) David Person
***   Road and exit numbering ET

Planets outside our solar system: interesting graphics ET

Amount of Info on One Page Chuck Jenkins

Sonification/audification of Data? Ross Mohan

Timelines on the Internet Tim Challies
***   Editorial policies and reader ratings Myra Lavenue
***   London Underground maps (+ worldwide subway maps) Jim Heimer

Pronunciation of "Tufte"? Heather Strong

"Atlas of Oregon 2ND Edition" by William Loy Tom Patterson
***   A classic: Imhof's Cartographic Relief Presentation David Person

Graphical displays for monitoring medical patients Mike O'Neil
***   Saturn embedded in Galileo's text, best work of analytical design ever? Glenn Nevill
***   Displays of space junk Jim Moore

Advice for changing career to information design Mihir Shah

Babar's dream (and framing books) Ed Brewer

Edge Fluting Mark McMillion

baseline for amount scale John Holm

ET booklet: Visual Design of the User Interface Beth Weinstein

Design of Humanities Portal rosemary a. franklin

Self-publishing David Bales

graphic reference symbols J.D.McCubbin

Data Maps Joe Meyer
***   Executive decision support systems Tim White

Computing Lie Factor by Dividing Percentages Alexei Lebedev

Flowlines (as in Minard's work) John Brown

Rare books Mia Miller

Genealogical information Philip Gatz
***   How can information in 4-dimensions be pictured using 2-dimensional diagrams? Jack Hirshleifer

Cartooning Danny Arsenault

Galileo sunspot movie (shown in ET course) Hank Cohen

ET textbook, Data Analysis for Politics and Policy: PDF files now available Florence R. Webb

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