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Map of Electronic Shadows

Here is a graphic that I propose be posted to the Ask ET forum. I came across it in the June 2000 issue of National Geographic. It displays the heights of buildings in a city (New York) by color coded scaled replicas of each building. Red is used for the tallest, then orange, yellow, etc. thru the spectrum, with only green (used to represent ground level) being out of sequence. I like this graphic as the logical use of colors on the three dimensional map is easy to comprehend and intuitiviely communicates a lot of information to the eye. Beyond that, however, once created, this graphic (in the computer) becomes a usable engineering tool to define line of site positions for wireless communications antennaes, as explained in the text that accompanies it.

Once again, the graphic artist is not identified--only the firm.


-- Jim Heimer (email)

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