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Visual Calendar/Clock

I'm wondering if this usefully conveys the passage of time or is just busy? Is it anything more than a curiosity?

[link dead, 9 June 2007]

-- Ned Wall (email)

It is a lovely piece of conceptual art, belonging in a museum and serving as my screensaver for a while.

Search around the site, particularly the archives, for other typographic animations by Yugo Nakamura. There is something of a Praystation quality to the work (and to the interface which is a bit cryptic, but just click around).

-- Edward Tufte has a beautiful Binary clock:

I posted the Flash here because I couldn't find the original page and it is difficult to view the file out of the context of a web page.

-- Jeffrey Berg (email)

Sundiagram calandar showing hours of daylight (or not!)

Hi Edward, Our office has been of your work for years (we make maps), thanks for sharing your expertise.

I ran across this very interesting visual calendar last night. It's called "Sundiagram for Longyearben", published by Svalbard Samfunnsdrift AS and Longyearben lokalstyre of and respectively.

What is interesting about this calendar is it's wonderful combination of an artistic painting with factual chart data. The central image is of a low-lying arctic sun with a patchy tundral grasses and flowers down the middle and increasing snow towards the left and right edges. The art image is bounded left and right by bands of translucent darkening blue to black in an inverted hour-glass shape. Along the top horizontal axis are the months of the year while the vertical denotes hours of the day. Each darkening band charts the hours of daylight, or lack of it, during that time of year for Svalbard island (which is north of the arctic circle).

I'd post the image somewhere but the kalendar is copyrighted, so you'll have to rely on my inadequate description or find some way of acquiring it for yourself.

I've been unable to connect to either of those websites but Google's cache holds some info about them. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything on this calendar though. Maybe someone who reads norwegian will have better luck.

-- matt wilkie (email)

the animated clock, noted as first item on "Visual Calendar/Clock" page of Edward Tufte site, featuring the use of an animated, live movie of a person's pencil drawing the successive numbers for a clock or calendar, each displayed in the position of a digital clock, as of 8-1-2010 is still alive on the web at the following link:

-- Greg (email)

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