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Venn Diagrams

I'm looking for a graphing program that handles Venn Diagrams exceptionally well. I would like to have diagrams built where the set sizes and overlap sizes are properly set based upon the data. Most Venn Diagrams I see have uniform circle and overlap sizes which of course do not properly convey the data.

-- Todd Decker (email)

New book on Venn diagrams, very favorable review in Nature (22 July 2004):

A.W.F.Edwards, Cogwheels of the mind: the story of Venn diagrams (2004)

-- Edward Tufte

Here's what you were looking for, perhaps. You just have to download and unzip it . The .exe file is a simple program that produces a quantitative Venn. It only has room for two sets unfortunately, but it's still very useful.

-- Nirupa Chaudhari (email)

Dear Todd,

please have a look at and These pages can generate proportional Venn diagrams, exactly what you are looking for.

regards, Tim Hulsen.

-- Tim Hulsen (email)

Try Looking up venn 2(or any number you need)\ diagram-convert and click on "venn diagram converter/maker"

-- William (email)

Discover the beauty of extreme Venn diagrams

-- David Cerruti (email)

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