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Source of Bell Centennial Font

I recently attended your presentation in Palo Alto. The next trick will be to convince my bosses that your ideas make sense. I'm currently working on a table-rich document and would like to integrate Bell Centennial font. Unfortunately, I am obligated to use Word and do not currently have this font. Do you know where I might find it? Thanks for the input.

-- Daniel Battaglia (email)

On this board elsewhere.

Gill Sans also works very nicely in tables; see Envisioning Information, pages 104-105.

-- Edward Tufte

I would recommend purchasing the OpenType version of the font (called Bell Centennial Standard) if you use Windows XP or OS X machines. You can get it from Veer, Linotype, or Adobe

If you want to save money, you can buy the different weights individually from Linotype (cheaper) or Adobe. I recommend the Address, Sub-Caption, and Name & Number weights. They are sort of normal, semi-bold, and bold weights.

-- Stuart Stock

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