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Multiplicity in 11th century Khmer sculpture and elsewhere

-- Edward Tufte

The 20-arm figure of Sadasiva can be seen several ways: as someone with 20 arms, or as someone waving their arms, or as someone showing 45 different paired-combinations of arm position. In flatland, at least, this ambiguity of space and time occurs in such multiples; usually the viewer has no problem in distinguishing time variation from spatial variation.

The pedestal design may prove interesting to those contemplating sculptural pedestals and curatorial additions to sculptures.

-- Edward Tufte

Bibliodissey has an interesting piece on various uses of multiples for comparison or time-compression. Beautiful illustrations, and nice set of links.

-- Paul Atlan (email)

Stroboscopic multiple exposure photographs of synchronized platform diving offer a doubled narrative through space and time. Taken during the events of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, these photos show 7 exposures of 2 men diving the same dive at the same time. 1+1 = 3 as we can see each diver individually and also the differences between the divers's trajectories -- small differences one could not discern in a live performance. At least, I could not. These images remind me of the many-armed goddess sculpture as well as stereoscopic images.

From msnbc (flash required) "Stromotion: 10m synchro platform"

-- Sean Garrett-Roe (email)

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