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Bird Series

Here is a meditative video that shows a variety of birds gently moving.

This video is also available on YouTube and Vimeo

Music for above: Mozart, Piano sonata no. 13 in B flat major, K. 333, pianist Brendan Kinsella via

Here are some more pieces in the Bird series. This work consists of 12 mobiles, suspended and quietly moving in the air. These mobiles continue the original Bird series, which perched the perforated anodized aluminum constructions on stainless steel poles.

The photograph above is shown here in a large screen JPEG. Dmitry Krasny took this wonderful photograph above with an antique camera using black and white roll film.

The photograph above, with the piece "The Dove of Love Fell Off Its Perch" (center), is shown here in a large screen JPEG.

-- Edward Tufte

A few birds have come in from outdoors and are installed in the kitchen by Andy Conklin. The kitchen has a curved vaultlike ceiling that allows the birds to get up in the air. Andy is standing on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Below, a small Bird hanging from a hallway ceiling. Other pieces include, at far left, an ET 1970s wall sculpture with pop art and constructivist elements; a tiny sliver of the poster by Gustav Klutsis, Everyone to the Re-election of the Soviets, 1930 from my Visual Explanations, pp. 136-137; at center, a Babar print (Babar in his painting studio) by Laurent de Brunhoff which hangs above a French 1890s cast-iron lion (see the Henri Rousseau lion in Visual Explanations, pp. 130-131; and then, at right, an ET geometric painting (London, 1970) used as a cover design for my Data Analysis for Politics and Policy; a bookprint (opening spread of Enivsioning Information); and an old wooden bird sitting on a low maple table by ET about 15 years ago. And a constructivist clock of temporarily unknown origin.

-- Edward Tufte

From the left, this picture shows Millstones 4 and 5 in the background, a stainless steel Spray (#4) in the foreground, Escaping Flatland 10, and one of the Birds ("The Dove of Love Fell Off the Perch") suspended vertically from a wire. The gently rolling hills allow local horizons to help lift up, isolate, and show the various pieces.

-- Edward Tufte

Here are some new pieces in the Bird series. The first 25 Birds were made from anodized aluminum; the new pieces are made from stainless steel and the first few seem to be resting on the ground or on a stainless steel base. This encourages an investigation of shadows, as shown in the new pictures below. There's a lot going on with the shadows which move and change as the sun moves across the sky.The shadows are projected onto stainless steel flats, either at the base or behind the Bird.

The photograph above is shown here in a large screen JPEG

The photograph above is shown here in a large screen JPEG

The photograph above is shown here in a large screen JPEG, which reveals some rich and complex shadows cast by the bird onto the stainless steel background.

-- Edward Tufte

Above, this studio picture shows 5 sculptures, with a Bird in the center (and casting a shadow to the left and reflected on the window in the back).

The other works shown are:

At upper left, a 2006 wire construction in a plane (showing the diagram used by Socrates to teach a slave the Pythagorean theorem) within a shadow box.

At left in the middle: a 1970s untitled ET table-sculpture with constructivist and pop art elements.

At left, out the window in the lawn: Escaping Flatland 3.

At lower right, a small part of one of the 16 feet long Petals from the Petals 1-12 series. The Petals are meant as landscape art but we're studying this one indoors in the studio light.

Below, the Bird in the studio (also shown above).

Below, an outdoor Bird.

Somewhere, someday the Bird series will have names or numbers or dates but right now we're still working a lot on the series and are far from catching up with documentation.

-- Edward Tufte

-- Edward Tufte

-- Edward Tufte

Threads relevant to sculpture:
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Beginning of Bouquet series (now 7); along with theoretical statement beginning the volume 5 project.
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Dear Leader I: landscape sculpture May 2006
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ET Modern
ET museum/gallery in the Chelsea Art District in New York 2010-2013.
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Ten large stainless steel pieces in the landscape generate many views and painted color fields as the sun moves across the sky and the season changes.
Feynman Diagrams, Edward Tufte sculptures and exhibits
The Conceptual and Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams. Art show + 16 page essay.
Flame Theater
Georgia O'Keeffe and Escaping Flatland
Hogpen Hill #1: sculpture installed August 2006
First major piece (24 feet light, stainless steel) installed in new 122 acre sculpture park underway in Woodbury, Connecticut.
Ironstone artworks, torqued steel
Magritte's Smile
Masks Quartet, 2011
bronze casting
Megaliths, Continuous and Silent, Stuctures of Unknown Significance
Stone+air artworks. Scuplture, megaliths
Millstone sculpture series
Massive industrial pieces sorting out circles and light. Redesigning and repurposing scrap from nuclear power plant.
Multiplicity in visual experiences (ET presentation for a museum show)
Nine reviews of ET's Aldrich Museum sculpture show
ET museum show in Connecticut 2009-2010

Paradox sculptures
Petals 1-3
Aluminum hyperbolic paraboloids in the landscape reflect light and shadow. The pieces move with the contour of the land.
Philosophical Diamond Signs
Philosophical alerts, imperatives, and thoughts about the path past and future.
Rocket Science
~32 feet (10 m) high and ~72 feet (22 m) long, and is constructed from ~48,000 pounds (22,000 kg) of rusting scrap steel
Rocket Science #2 (Lunar Lander)
Rocket Science 3: Airstream Interplanetary Explorer
Sculpture Forgings
Steel forging mounted on wood base. Blacksmithing video.
Sculpture: Negative space studies
Three table pieces; strong positive elements create active negative volumes (the air) to torque. Movies.
Seeing Around: New ET essay published
Skewed Machine
Spring Arcs, an ET landscape sculpture
Four solid stainless steel arcs in the landscape. Long thread, many photographs on meaning, construction, viewing of the piece.
Stainless steel images: anisotropic calligraphy
Big series of engraved 3D anisomorphic images that move with light.
Steel sculptures
Rough, thick, rusting steel, with surface images in the steel's patina.
Table sculptures
About a dozen major table pieces in wood, steel, stainless steel.
The Drawing Center fax show: ET exhibits
The Twigs: Landscape artworks made from steel and air
The beautiful Twig. Steel, 32 feet high, with accompanying thread on reading the piece and the complexities of modeling large 3D objects.
Theater Museum artworks
Tong Bird of Paradise
Towers: a new memorial for 9/11
Visual complexities of light, shadow, perpsective. Perforated stainless steel.
ZZ Smile (Zerlina's Smile)

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