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Music videos with information design material

Royskopp: Remind Me

And DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix: "A Series of Tubes"

-- Edward Tufte

Here are some videos with information design from Pleix

and of course Alex Gopher: The Child.

But maybe that is more a typographic video.

-- Remy (email)

Another music video with information design material: XVIVO

Assignment: after watching the video, tell the class what you learned about cells.

(Via Jorn Barger)

-- Edward Tufte

The xvivo animation is awesome! It's the story of a white blood cell rolling along the endothelial lining of a capillary, when an endothelial cell, alerted to danger near by, urgently transcribes and translates several E-selectin proteins, transports them to its plasma membrane, exocytoses them, and, when the white blood cell passes overhead, they recruit it; it "pavements" (flattens) and diapedeses out into the tissue, where it will combat the infection, tumor, or whatever other bad nasty is out there. I just sat down to this after reading a two-part series (1 and 2) on immunology in the New England Journal of Medicine by Ivan Roitt. What a study break!

-- Niels Olson (email)

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institue of Medical Research in Australia has an in-house animation group.

Examples of their work can be found here -

-- Andrew Nicholls (email)

More info-graphics entertainment: Nonsense Info-Graphics by Chad Hagen.

-- David McCabe (email)

Her is another video with information design material. In fact they sing the information they visualize in the video. It look like a education video for children or some thing.

-- Steinar Boro (email)

Music--Tom Lehrer--The Elements--video

I know this sounds crazy, but the amazing Tom Lehrer actually put the elements to the music of Gilbert and Sullivan in 1959.

I never tire of hearing this masterpiece. Now, a Flash animation brings The Elements to the screen.

There are plenty of links for further exploration.


-- Jon Gross (email)

Little Red Riding Hood

Slagsmalsklubben, Dir. Tomas Nilsson, Sweden, 2009

Teachers often use music to help memorize information and may enhance it with visuals.

50 States, 50 Capitals song by

The "whatever it takes" principle at work here engages not one, but various parts of the brain. There is some evidence that music stimulates the brain in the same way food, sex and drugs do.

-- Andrei Severny (email)

1950-2012 evolution of the F1 cars in 1 min

Visualized by Ruf Blacklock

-- Andrei Severny (email)

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