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Art Theorists Speak Out Cartoonishly

Here's a small collection of art cartoons revolving around various visits, by sheep and by riggers, to my sculptures.
First, some play with windy verbalizing Art Theorists, who see with predetermined words rather than with open eyes
and open minds:


-- Edward Tufte


-- Edward Tufte

Artoons:Sources of ridiculous art theory quotations

For the artoon Art Theory: Joseph Kosuth, the quotation is from Joseph Kosuth,
"Art After Philosophy,"Studio International (October, 1969) and here.

In about half the sentences in Kosuth's essay, if the word not is appropriately placed
near the main verb so as to reverse its meaning, the revised sentence is approximately
as plausible as the original sentence. Indeed, for some sentences, the sentence and its
negation are both false or without meaning.

For the photocartoon Art Theory: Barbara Herrnstein Smith, the quotation is
from Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Contingencies of Value: Alternative Perspectives for
Critical Theory
(Cambridge, 1988), 34; as quoted in David Lehman, Signs of
Times: Deconstruction and the Fall of Paul de Man
(New York, 1991), 25.

-- Edward Tufte

-- Edward Tufte

What we talk about when we talk about art

A good essay by Roberta Smith:

-- Edward Tufte

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