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Rainbows and Moonbows


Courtesy of the wonderful

-- Edward Tufte

In addition to the moonbows and many other photos, that site has at least two nice-looking simulation tools: one for passing light through ice crystals and one for droplets. The simulation outputs are very tastefully done. Consider this reproduction of a 1790 sky, down to fine details; the effects of crystal alignment/misalignment; reproduction of a rare effect caused by a choice reflection through an unusual crystal. In addition to the simulation output, the last link has some scripting so that a mouseover changes the photo to an enhanced and labeled version. These gorgeous data displays are all over the site.

Les Cowley has really made a nice thing here.

-- Rob Mahurin (email)

I saw a moonbow on the north shore of Kauai around 1 am in 2004. The moon had risen behind us as we were looking out at the ocean, and it provided just enough light to reveal a large white bow arcing between us & the water. One of the coolest natural events I've ever seen. The color white contains all the colors of the rainbow, and it would have been just another rainbow (right!) in daylight, so lucky us.

-- flatland (email)

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