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Abstract alley art

Blue Arrow, paint on plywood
2014 photo in SoMa alley,
original destroyed as all alley art is
2016 image heavily color adjusted
which is legal in alley art

Fresh abstract painting/collage/assemblage can be found in city alleys.

A video is presented below.

Here are my findings over the last two years in the alleys and backstreets of Austin, Texas:

-- Edward Tufte

Source: SWANN auction catalogue, The Ritter Collection of Modern Illustrated Books and Livres d'Artiste, New York, May 5, 2009.

-- Edward Tufte

Alley Art video

This video is also available on YouTube and Vimeo

-- Edward Tufte

Frank Jump

For the great photographs of Frank Jump, see

and about his book Fading Ads of New York City

-- Edward Tufte

Thank you for the mention! Hope you enjoy the book. Best, Frank Jump

-- Frank Jump (email)

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