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Some Google hits, January 1, 2003

The Google search tallies the number of links that result from a search of a "word" appearing on internet pages. Here are some tallies I recorded a few minutes into the New Year:

"me" 200,000,000
"money" 61,800,000
"science" 52,400,000
"war" 49,100,000
"amazon" 44,700,000
"god" 43,100,000
"microsoft" 41,100,000
"marketing" 33,200,000
"television" 17,500,000
"truth" 13,500,000
"unemployment" 3,350,000
"inflation" 2,830,000
"happy new year" 539,000

-- Edward Tufte

The word "Chartjunk" appears 864 times in a 6/16/2003 Google search.

The practice of "Chartjunk", however, is a much different story!

Michael Round

-- Michael Round (email)

This is nice. But the problem that I have with many presentations of data is the implicit idea that the data is not dynamic. For example, I checked some of these words last night, and there was less of a gap between "money" and "science". ET, I assume that you are familiar with the Google "Zeitgeist" feature. Here is a link to their 2002 wrap-up: Still, the Zeitgeist does not keep track of the popularity of a list of words (similar to the list ET checked on Jan. 1, 2003) over a period of time.

-- JD (email)

It is nice to see the intriguing Google Zeitgeist again; there's an earlier timeline thread about it at

But who are these people listed in Zeitgeist? Where's Keith Jarrett? Bob Dylan? Time for the Unzeitgeist.

-- Edward Tufte

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