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Cog, the Honda ad

The new Honda ad in the UK has getting attention on various mailing lists recently. This amazing Rube Goldberg stunt using 85 parts from a dismantled Accord took 606 takes before it worked right. No trick photography, no computer animation, all real.

Maybe a candidate for ETs next book.

-- Michael Olan (email)

Wow. It's not analytical design but it will stay on the board. Some may recall the 10-minute lateral tracking shot of an on-going traffic accident in Jean-Luc Godard's Weekend.

Thanks to our Kindly Contributor Michael Olan.

-- Edward Tufte

The movie "Russkij kovcheg" or "Russian Ark" tells a 200 year story with 2800 actors and is also one continuous 90 minute shot.

-- Marcus Ramirez (email)

"I open my eyes and I see nothing"

I was awed by the Movie Russian Ark. I gained new perspective on the importance of the Hermitage and gained not only historical information, but historical impact on the people, something the history books tend to forget. Few movies have captured not only Russia, but also what it is to be Russian. The visuals are stunning, so much so that film stills would make excellent prints.

A few Art theaters are still playing it here and there, but you'll have to wait till the ninth of September to see it on DVD. Since the film was shot on new Sony hard disk technology and a DV steadicam, the DVD should have by default stunning quality and detail the film distribution print may have lost. Viewing the DVD should renew the experience for those who saw the film 2 or 3 times in the theater as I

did, and bring Russian Ark to film and history courses everywhere.

Get it here.

Experience the Hermitage on the web.

-- Jeffrey Berg (email)

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