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Presenting Data and Information
3D papercraft models

A delightful link from boing boing via Paper Forest:

Presented are pdf files for printing out (in color, please) and constructing 3D papers models of fish.

One of my colleagues will construct a fish and we'll have some pictures.

For other amazing paper constructions, see Paper Forest

and also

-- Edward Tufte

This is just the tip of the iceberg known as Card Modeling. For more info, please see

Just about anything can be modeled in paper, and just about everything is!

Matso Limtiaco Everett WA

-- Matso Limtiaco (email)

Here is another fantastic resource for paper animation kits.

-- Dug North (email)
I spent the summer developing paper action figures that kids could download, build, and play with. These figures could really move with full articulation. However, it turned out that the biggest challenge was not the design, but rather the instruction!

I used Tufte's principles of integrating image and word, making comparisons adjacent in space, and using small multiples to implement my instructions as lucidly as possible. To me, the end result is just as fun as the models themselves!

Example: A paper robot with multiple instructions

Example: A paper robot with simple instructions

Eric Martens
(Graduate of Tufte's "Presenting Data and Information," December 2005!)

-- Eric Martens (email)


Dr. Tufte,

This fellow presented at TED, and I saw a photo of the TED presentation on flickr. Enjoy the site.

My favorite practical origami is at, mentioned previously ,within a different topic, on your bulletin board.

B Wasserman

-- Ben Wasserman (email)

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