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Edward Burtynsky: Oil

See Tyler Green's good report at Modern Art Notes:

The book is amazing, powerful, disturbing.

-- Edward Tufte

In his 2009 TED talk Burtynsky refers to what has apparently become the new liberal mantra, that peak oil is coming. Every time I hear about peak oil, I am reminded of a talk I attended in 1996 by James W. Kinnear, the former CEO of Texaco, where he said "you've probably heard the world only has a 30 year reserve of oil. We've always had a 30 year reserve. We've had a 30 year reserve for the last 30 years."

What happens if peak oil isn't on the horizon?

-- Niels Olson (email)

ET 1975 paper on forecasting oil resources

I wrote a report exactly on this topic in 1975. For the report and discussion, go to our thread:

-- Edward Tufte

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