All 5 books, Edward Tufte paperback $180
All 5 clothbound books, autographed by ET $280
Visual Display of Quantitative Information
Envisioning Information
Visual Explanations
Beautiful Evidence
Seeing With Fresh Eyes
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Edward Tufte e-books
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Visual and Statistical Thinking $5
The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint $5
Seeing Around + Feynman Diagrams $5
Data Analysis for Politics and Policy $9
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New ET Book
Seeing with Fresh Eyes:
Meaning, Space, Data, Truth
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Analyzing/Presenting Data/Information
All 5 books + 4-hour ET online video course, keyed to the 5 books.
China Visualization: ET Keynote address

Practical Advice for DataViz Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Google Translated parts into Chinese in my slides.

They wanted data art, so happily included images of my Feynman Diagrams done for Nobel to celebrate 100th Feynman bday.

So happy!

-- ET (email)

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